Meet Kelly Jé
Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate, and Motivational Speaker.
Jessica Kelly who goes by Kelly Jé is from Dallas Texas. She is an alumnus of Skyline High School, and Full Sail University.

Kelly Jé career started in 2007 when she received the opportunity to be a featured co-host on an internet radio station. Being on the show gave her great knowledge on how to interact with artist and it became the start of something new.

Kelly Jé began working with artist in the DFW area as a promoter. In 2011, Kelly was diagnosed with a mental health condition and took time off to get her health together. During her battle with mental illness, she learned a lot about herself, and wanted to also help others see the beauty in it all. In 2012, Kelly founded her foundation Focusing In
Growth & Holding Together (F.I.G.H.T) to help educate, and break stigmas in the African American community.

In 2019, Kelly Jé was ready to take on the world again and rebranded her business and named it Kelly Jé Enterprise. Since relaunching Kelly Jé has represented countless brands as their assistant, manager, social media director and that’s just to name a few. Kelly Jé sits as a board member for Finding the Faith Within Organization. She volunteers with Sisters Taking on The Prevention of Suicide (S.T.O.P.S) and is featured in the release of their first commercial video.
She has been featured in Voyage Dallas
Magazine & Rally Up Mental Health Magazine. She has been on several podcasts & radio stations from Texas to North Carolina. Kelly Jé hasn’t stopped her grind on August 2, 2020 Kelly Jé launched Kelly Jé TV with the role of being the host and executive producer of her show. Kelly lives daily by the business slogan that it is more than just a
business it’s a legacy!